Say Hello To My Little Friend: The Fujifilm X100s

Fujifilm X100s

The Fujifilm X100s is my new traveling companion.  (Shot with a Canon 7D)

It’s day one with the new Fujifilm X100s and I’m excited to begin working with this tool.  My first impression of this camera is that it’s a solid, weighty object with a feel of quality and craftsmanship.  Nothing feels particularly cheap or tacked-on.  My one initial “first impression” hiccup with the build might be the dial on the back – it feels a bit small and it lacks indentations which would provide a tactile response to navigating the menus when it’s rotated.  Overall, this camera feels impressive; like the kind of thing I would pass down to my kids (if I had any) and if they turned into responsible adults one day who knew how to handle a quality instrument such as this.  As soon as I load in a fresh battery I’ll take it for a drive!


A Return To The Glory Days Of Photography: I’m Going Zoomless (and mirrorless) in 2014 with the Fujifilm X100s

In 2014 I plan to carry this everywhere I go, without fail: The Fujifilm X100s mirrorless digital camera. Built around a 23mm (35mm equivalent) f/1:2 prime lens, I will be forced to compose images without the luxury of “zooming in” to get the shot I want.  Dorothea Lange said “A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera,” and I am hoping to sharpen my observation of and interaction with the world around me by using this tool.  So begins my return to the glory days of photography.

Fujifilm X100s Accessories

a return to the glory days of photography…

Fujifilm X100s Front View

what you’ll be seeing…

Fujifilm X100s Rear View

what I’ll be seeing…