West Texas songwriter Charlie Stout draws on experience as a photographer, filmmaker, and producer to animate cinematic lyrics through carefully crafted storytelling. 

From the mythical dark hollows of his native Appalachian Mountains to the magnificent deserts of West Texas and beyond,  Charlie Stout's words, music, and images evoke contemplation of life and death on the new American frontier.


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The Last Rattlesnake In All Of West Texas

by Charlie Stout
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"Dust & Wind"

by Charlie Stout

On the afternoon of July 15, 2015 I drove from Lubbock, Texas to the abandoned First Presbyterian Church of Taiban with an 8-track recorder and a handful of songs. Hear the ambience of the desert, highway, and railway on this self-produced solo acoustic record of flatland murder ballads and high plains hymns.


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I print these photographs with a 1-inch border on 8.5 x 11 inch high-gloss photo paper. I sign and date each print in the corner of the border and ship them in anywhere in the USA at no additional charge.



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Official Press Photo: A self-portrait captured with a Fujifilm X-T1 at the abandoned church prior to recording Dust & Wind. Click to download.

Official Press Photo: A self-portrait captured with a Fujifilm X-T1 at the abandoned church prior to recording Dust & Wind. Click to download.


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The story behind this song begins here: in the wild Chihuahuan Desert of West Texas.


I shot this photograph during the monsoon season of 2018. It depicts a violent storm rolling in over the Sierra del Vidrios - darkening all that remains of the silver mining ghost town of Altuda, Texas, situated on Highway 90 between Alpine and Marathon.

The Sierra del Vidrios once existed entirely under the ocean as The Capitan Reef, a complex community of undersea microorganisms spanning hundreds of miles around the Permian Basin.

This photograph is a testament to the reality of catastrophic climate change as evidenced by the geologic record: it has happened before, and it can happen again.

So begins the saga of The Last Rattlesnake In All Of West Texas: a post-apocalyptic tale with a desolate vision in the Desert Of Tomorrow.


Produced by: Gabriel Sullivan
Drums: Gabriel Sullivan 
Bass: Geoffrey Hidalgo 
Steel: Joe Novelli 
Trumpet: John Villa 
Percussion: Gabriel Sullivan, Charlie Stout 
Acoustic Guitar: Charlie Stout 
Twang: Gabriel Sullivan 

Gang Vocals: 806 Class Of 2019
(Grant Gilbert, Ross Cooper, Cleto Cordero, Randall King, Charlie Shafter, William Clark Green, Danny Cadra, Daniel Markham, Charlie Stout, Steven St. Clair, Brandon Adams, Wade Parks) 

806 recorded at Melody Mountain Ranch in Stephenville, Texas 
Song recorded and mixed at Dust & Stone in Tucson, Arizona 
Mastered by Nick Landis at Terra Nova Digital Audio in Austin, Texas

Download a high-resolution cover art

Download a high-resolution cover art